I'm a designer

I’m a future-oriented and ambitious digital focused creative. I have a big passion for creating useful and beautiful stuff, while constantly trying to improve and learn through process. Other than being completely obsessed with design, I love expressing myself through food, fashion, conversations, sharing, and beauty. I currently reside in Savannah, Georgia and I’m about to complete my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. (woo!)

I believe

  • the best inspiration comes from the world, so go experience it.
  • that we might call them users, but at the end of the day they are people.
  • in a good cup of coffee.
  • the design is the details, thank you Eames.
  • that honesty is transparency.
  • the universe is made of tiny stories, thank you Rukeyser.
  • design is how it works, thank you Jobs.
  • sometimes there’s no better way of explaining yourself than through a quote.

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