Get Lost


Create a mobile application that allows you to go on a randomized adventure, it should contain APIs that will enhance the experience.


The Get Lost application is about giving people the tools to go spontaneously discover something they would’ve never normally have done before, giving them the chance to build relationships, create connections and finding themselves. The goal is not the destination, it’s the journey. I wanted to create a non-distracting way to get lost that also reflected the multitude feelings of discovery within the aesthetics.

  • Date: Fall 2013
  • Categories: Digital, UI + UX, iOS, Logo


I was really inspired by this thing called "Geohashing." Geohashing is an adventure, comprising journeys to random places within a given area. Every day, effectively random locations are generated by an algorithm.

While reseraching, I found people who actually did Geohashing, I interviewed them and they were extremely interested in creating an application. One of them mentioned the dedicated Geohashing wikipedia page. He told me about how he had gained achievements through the wiki, but he said it was user generated, so if you said you did something you had to be taken for your word which brought the experience down.


Through further research on the wikipedia page dedicated to Geogashing, I realized there was a fun little community of people. The members invited others to go with them as well as a lot of sharing.

I knew that creating a sense of community was an important part to making the application successful. So including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram API's would definitely have to be part of the interaction, but also get lost should have it's own shared experience separate.

User Scenarios:

Pre-existing user going on an adventure
Pre-existing documenting and sharing


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