Intelliscape Automation


Redesign an existing application called Intelliscape Automation (was iPad only) into an iPhone application.


Intelliscape Automation is an application developed specifically for one man’s house, which he wanted to create into a business. The application was designed for very contemporary but also very funky houses that are lavish and large with many rooms and functions. The colors are based on gradient LED light which is projected onto soft white walls. Some of the biggest design challenges within this project were complexity, creating easier navigation, confusion about task, too many options, and not knowing if something worked.

  • Date: Spring 2013
  • Categories: Digital, UI + UX, iOS, Logo


One of the biggest problems was the large complexity that the house automation had. There were multiple levels, and multiple rooms with similar functions. For example, there was two kitchens, one on level 1 and another 2.

Within the exciting application, one of the diffulcult parts navigating was there wasn't any distinction on which level you were on, everything looked and felt the same. My design solution for this was color coding levels as well as other aspects such as an overall control of the house, security and favorites section.


Another way of helping the user figure out where to go was large icons, applying the theory of recognition over recall for a quicker response with little to no thinking. These icons were designed for the rooms, as well as the more simple functions such as all-lights on in a room or simply turning on the tv.

Lending a helping hand

The users also complained about not knowing wether of not they sucessfully achieved the task they went to do, because the app never gave them any feedback. I decided a good way to help out users was to tell them if it didn't work, but also why it didn't. Another way the user can see if something was on easily was to create little circles indicating whether or not something has been turned on or is already on.


After interviewing the users, one told me that it would be so nice if there was a way to have a series of tasks completed at once for things done enough times to become tiring on a user. I ended up calling this aspect favorites, being able to easily turn on and set up the house for whatever event you needed at the time, like partying!

The Deep Dive

Taken from the theory that the more flexible something becomes, the less usable and vice versa, I already knew the house was complex and I had to figure out a way to pair it down. I knew all the options made the user feel overwhelmed with decisions and a visually tasking. Because those elements were all still needed, but not on the average use the answer was creating a deeper level that the user could access easily. The icon would allow you to be taken to a place to easily edit tasks more specificly.

Easier LED Editing

The major stylistic inspiration for this project was the soft glow of LEDs that were projected onto walls. Too bad it was almost impossible to add new colors or even choose an existing one.

The user needed a quick selection palette but also needed to be able to express themselves more. Laying out the spectrum and staturation in a bar like path really helped them understand where they were instead of the thumb blocking their vision on a color wheel.

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