Kate Spade Annual Report


Design an annual report that’s visually interesting and representative of the Kate Spade brand.


The Kate Spade brand is very preppy, polished, fun, and colorful. Some the most iconic things about Kate Spade is the use of shimmering gold, bright colors, fun but also classic typography, inspiring and playful quotes and well as bold fresh statements which I wanted to incorporate into my design some way.

  • Date: Fall 2013
  • Categories: Print, Report, Book, Typography

Polished, & preppy

I believe in research, I do a lot of it and I feel like it really paid off in this project. I traveled to multiple Kate Spade stores that I had access to, took pictures, even purchased some of their books, and asked quite a lot of people about their impression of Kate Spade, and their insight was very helpful deciding what the true essence of Kate Spade is.

I really wanted to stay brand-consistent, but also make sure this was ultimately a business tool. I feel like that was acheived by putting certain Kate Spade touches within the report, such as patterns, quotes and reflective photography.

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