PSA Website Redesign


Redesign Piscataqua Sailing Association's website and logo.


PSA was slightly dated, and the biggest reason they wanted a redesign was for a refresh, however, it was more than just that. The experience was confusing, they have a lot of content and resources and of course they wanted all of that to stay. The association itself is full of unique working individuals who sail as their hobby, quite a few of them had hobbies in photography. The photography was one of my biggest inspirations, but also they really wanted their website and logo to feel friendly, clean and definitely know that it was a sailing association.

  • Date: Spring 2014
  • Categories: Digital, Web, Logo
  • Client: Piscataqua Sailing Association

Clean & Friendly

The first step into redesigning the website was to activate Google Analytics so a developer and I could figure out what pages were at the forefront of the website, where were people going and when did they leave. I knew the information was overwhelming and I really wanted to help organize it in a friendly way.

The overall aesthetic of the redesigned site is inspired by the ocean they sail on, crisp, blue and white from the caps of the waves. Adding multiple blues created a layer of depth just like the ocean. Typographically, a slab serif lended for a friendlier feel but also a more clean and contemporary look.

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