Design a cosmetics brand specific for people with fair skinned complexions.


The concept of Recherché expanded from the name itself, which means exquisite, lavishly elegant but also rare and sought after. The fact that the brand was of french origin, paired with the idea of being encapsulated in desire, lended for inspiration in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras.

  • Date: Fall 2013
  • Categories: Print, Digital, Identity + Branding, Web, Packaging

Beauty & Royalty

High end cosmetics brands almost always had a very good sense that their consumer was going to become more beauitful if they owned their products, I needed that for Recherché but I also wanted the sense that they were better than other brands. Being porcelain skin toned isn't exactly the norm for beauty in society, but I knew I had to make them feel gorgeous and unique.

Drawing inspiration from the 1920's helped create that feeling, also encoporating rich colors like purple and gold, and a bold eye-catching pattern. I also art directed a photographer and stylist to create brand specfic photography which would show the consumer that being almost as pale as snow is beautiful.

Photographer: Jon Springs
Stylist & Hair: Paige Bierstaker
Art Director, Photo Retouching: Jessica Keller

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