Develop a brand of food trucks that serve iconic classic as well as fusion street foods from around the world.


The biggest design problem was figuring out a way to have a multicultural brand feel consistent. Streetfoods concept was inspired by the busy, urban city of L.A. where it is located. The bright colors, trendy but unique typography, funky fresh pattern were designed to feel comfortable within the L.A. environment, but stand out amongst the rest of the swarms of food trucks located there.

  • Date: Fall 2013
  • Categories: Digital, Print, Web, Identity + Branding, Restaurant, Vehicle


I used a brush pen after my first round of sketches, I was drawing a lot of very "street" typography, but I wasn't getting the feeling I wanted. It needed to be edible-looking after all, right? So I turned my focus to graffiti, a very popular art in Los Angeles.

I complimented the funky hand-lettering with a pattern made of food and little saying that related to the brand such as: Try Something New and Eat Well, and Eat Well, Travel Often. Eating local, but tasting the world was a big part of the brand as well, I wanted the customer to know that just because the style is international doesn't mean they can't support local farmers.


Urbanism and movement was another aspect I wanted to convey through my designs. I established this within the trucks, the bold angled blocks of color, paid with the skewed typography really helped to have the truck stand out, but also give it a sense of subtle visual movement.

Bold, Flat, Friendly

The website needed to be bold, easy to navigate, and funky. There's a lot of information that had to be included, especially having separate menus for each truck along with a process of ordering food before you get there.

From prior food-truck-eating experience, I know that some of these trucks really have a following. Making the website easy to use from a mobile perspective was very important as well as including social media aspects, but also allowing the consumers to access truck events really would help create a community of streetfoodies.

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